Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall 2010

I know I haven't blogged in forever, and for a short time, I thought I was going to quit. But I found some time tonight and decided not to give up on the blog world just yet. I know people have just been waiting in suspense for me to post something. :) We have had a very busy fall with football season, class reunions, weddings, etc. Below are some pictures from as far back as early September. I will try to do better over the holidays.....but I make no promises. :)

Oak Hill Academy class of 2000 reunion. We had a great time celebrating with Bailey's graduating class of 2000 for their ten year reunion. They rented out the back room at Anthony's and had a band. So much fun!

Anna Killingsworth and I
Jade, Mary Clift, Leslie, me, and Anna

The day before the party, we met some friends at Oak Hill to play on the play ground and walk around the school. George had a ball.

We have spent lots of time in Starkville this fall doing the football thing. It has been a great season, and we have enjoyed every minute. I just love Starkville!!!

George and Mom hanging out at the tent.

Trying hard to get a mommy/ George pic..not being successful.
attempt at a family shot....never an easy feat

George had a great time cheering on the bulldogs!

He was so good in the game. I was really surprised.
He was completely in awe of everything.

Love getting to see Sara!!

George and his Jack Jack

Trip to Anthony's with Amanda!

George loves Donna and Hal's cat, Mr. Wiedel.

George and Carter...he calls her Caw Caw...posing for a picture. I can't believe they stood still enough for this.

This Saturday, we went to Old Waverly to Kirby Lann's wedding reception. George had a blast running all over the place, and the weather was beautiful. He really loves the golf carts.

Happy Fall Yall!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Summertime pics.....a few months late

Here are some of the pictures I promised to update. We went to the lake with the Bakers at the beginning of August and had the best time. Here are a few pics.

George went swimming with sweet little Sadie Roper. They are big buds!!

These pictures make me realize how very quickly this school year is already going by. We have almost been in school for 9 weeks now. Craziness!! Hope everyone has a great week!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Busy isn't even the word for how my life has been since school started. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I just keep forgetting to post until someone reminds me that I haven't posted since July. Here are some pictures of George lately. I promise to catch up soon.

Since football season began, we have been spending a lot of time in West Point at Nonna and Hal's house. Here are a few sweet pictures of George having fun in West Point.
He loves their cat Mr. Weidel.

And he definitely loves his Pal.

He also loves to get into trouble with his cousin Carter. They are so funny together. No child was hurt in this photo op. Promise.

More pics to come soon. My goal is to catch up this week.

Friday, July 16, 2010

5 Years!!

Bailey and I are celebrating five years of marriage today!! I am so blessed to have married such a wonderful man!! Cheers to five wonderful years!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Atlanta 4th of July Trip

For Father's Day, I surprised Bailey with tickets to see his favorite band Phish in Atlanta. He has loved this band since I have known him, and he has about a million cd's, itunes, and music DVD's of theirs. Since he has listened to them for so long, I, by association, have grown to first tolerate and now actually even like their music. So when I heard they were coming to Atlanta, I decided to surprise him with tickets for not one but two nights of Phish. Bailey's dad's two sisters and brother all live in the Atlanta area, so we decided to make a mini vacation out of it. The picture above is at the concert with our good friends Jack and Missy. We had so much fun seeing them. We took George with us (not to the concert of course), and he got to visit with family while we did the concert thing. We went to the Georgia Aquarium which is amazing and had the best time visiting with the Menetre side of the family who we don't get to see enough. It was a great little getaway. Here are a few pics.

hangin out with the hippies!!

The weather was perfect!

Georgia Aquarium
It was amazing!! George's favorite was the penguin exhibit.

George, Bailey's cousin Lauren, me, and her son Hudson. He and George are three months apart and had so much fun playing together.

At Aunt Caroline's house.

Bailey with his Dad's three siblings, Bryan, Caroline, and Mary Ellen...and George

Caroline, Leah, Mary Ellen, me, George, Bryan Jr., and Bailey

George and his great aunt Caroline

George with his great uncle Bryan catching a fireworks show. He loved it.

watching the fireworks.

Sharing goldfish at the aquarium.

Loving on Mary Ellen

Swinging with Hudson

swimming with Hudson

4th of July cookout