Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall 2010

I know I haven't blogged in forever, and for a short time, I thought I was going to quit. But I found some time tonight and decided not to give up on the blog world just yet. I know people have just been waiting in suspense for me to post something. :) We have had a very busy fall with football season, class reunions, weddings, etc. Below are some pictures from as far back as early September. I will try to do better over the holidays.....but I make no promises. :)

Oak Hill Academy class of 2000 reunion. We had a great time celebrating with Bailey's graduating class of 2000 for their ten year reunion. They rented out the back room at Anthony's and had a band. So much fun!

Anna Killingsworth and I
Jade, Mary Clift, Leslie, me, and Anna

The day before the party, we met some friends at Oak Hill to play on the play ground and walk around the school. George had a ball.

We have spent lots of time in Starkville this fall doing the football thing. It has been a great season, and we have enjoyed every minute. I just love Starkville!!!

George and Mom hanging out at the tent.

Trying hard to get a mommy/ George pic..not being successful.
attempt at a family shot....never an easy feat

George had a great time cheering on the bulldogs!

He was so good in the game. I was really surprised.
He was completely in awe of everything.

Love getting to see Sara!!

George and his Jack Jack

Trip to Anthony's with Amanda!

George loves Donna and Hal's cat, Mr. Wiedel.

George and Carter...he calls her Caw Caw...posing for a picture. I can't believe they stood still enough for this.

This Saturday, we went to Old Waverly to Kirby Lann's wedding reception. George had a blast running all over the place, and the weather was beautiful. He really loves the golf carts.

Happy Fall Yall!!!


  1. great pics! George is such a dang cutie pie!

  2. Hey Gracie! Stumbled upon your blog from Missy's blog! Actually think I've done that before a long time ago, but don't know if I commented! But, your little boy is precious!!!! So glad I saw your blog and him.
    xo, cat moore -

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